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-Back, back to the wild bush, +<file>Back, back to the wild bush,
 come sun, come rain, come heaven come hell. come sun, come rain, come heaven come hell.
 Over the hills, across the rivers Over the hills, across the rivers
 through scratchy scrub or muddy moors through scratchy scrub or muddy moors
 where you forget your wondrous soul. where you forget your wondrous soul.
 Dirty boots, steaming breath, sweeping vistas; Dirty boots, steaming breath, sweeping vistas;
 heavy "macpac" off your shoulder heavy "macpac" off your shoulder
 while chewing a muesli bar. while chewing a muesli bar.
 Back, back on the wallaby track Back, back on the wallaby track
 where you've chased your own ghost where you've chased your own ghost
 through the thick mist of time. through the thick mist of time.
 Back, back on the wombat trail Back, back on the wombat trail
 where goannas and echidnas greet you quietly, where goannas and echidnas greet you quietly,
 currawongs and cockatoos betray your pass. currawongs and cockatoos betray your pass.
 Back, back to the sacred isolation; Back, back to the sacred isolation;
 up the mountains, across the valleys, up the mountains, across the valleys,
 where you've died a thousand times where you've died a thousand times
 with a heavy "macpac' on your back! with a heavy "macpac' on your back!
 Back, back to the HOLY BUSH; Back, back to the HOLY BUSH;
 up the peaks, down the gullies, up the peaks, down the gullies,
 where you've resurrected a thousand times where you've resurrected a thousand times
- +with a heavy "macpac' on your back!</file>.
-with a heavy "macpac' on your back!+
 S. Lengakis S. Lengakis
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