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- TEE SYDNEY BUSHWALKER  +======The Sydney Bushwalker.====== 
-.A monthly Bulletin devoted to matters of interest to The Sydney Bushwalkerss.5 Hamilton Street, Sydney + 
-No. AUGUST 1944 +A monthly Bulletin devoted to matters of interest to The Sydney Bushwalkers, 5 Hamilton Street, Sydney. 
- Al=1IPr-ic;e'Ed, + 
-Editor C. Kinsella -Production: Yvonne Ro:Ife +---- 
-Asst. Jolley AsstAlice Wybozn + 
-Bus.ManagerJ.Johnson Sales & Subs:Retty Dickenson. +===No. August, 1944. Price 6d.=== 
-Page +|**Editor**|C. Kinsella|   
-0.0 +|**Assistant Editor**|G. Jolly| 
-F.Leydon 2 Edna Garrad +|**Business Manager**|J. Johnson
-8 D.Lawry 9 +|**Production**|Yvonne Rolfe| 
-10 +|**Production Assistant**|Alice Wyborn| 
-11 +|**Sales & Subs**|Betty Dickenson| 
-12 + 
-. Index +=====In This Issue:===== 
-2nd Canberra Trip + 
-The Scurce cf the Thredbo +| | |Page| 
-Chatter 4.0 Fea,lration Report +|Index| | 1| 
-,Lette-c e, from Lads +|2nd Canberra Trip|F. Leydon2
-'-GoodmanIs'Advertisement +|The Source of the Thredbo|Edna Garrad| 7| 
-Paddy .4. +|So Much Chatter| | 8
-+|Federation Report|D. Lawry9| 
-HOW RESTFUL. 'ARE MILS: +|Letters from Lads| |10| 
-How restful are the far-bills4 + 
-the gre,plains,to.:cityeyes+=====Advertisements:===== 
 +| |Page| 
 +|Goodman's Advt.|11| 
 +=====How Restful Are Hills.===== 
 +How restful are the far hills,\\ 
 +the green plainsto city eyes\\ 
 +Tired with the ills\\ 
 +Of brick and weatherboard,\\ 
 +And iron soaring to the skies!\\ 
 +The hills and plains are Thine,\\ 
 +And yet, I know the strength will dissipate,\\ 
 +This pleasure turn to wretchedness\\ 
 +As deep as joy is now elate\\ 
 +And, in the loud canyon of the street,\\ 
 +The sweet ...\\ 
 +Of this swift moment soon will pass\\ 
 +From consciousness. 
 +Paul Grano. 
-Tie. with iEe;:e ills .  
-Of 7!-2a71%erbciard.,.: 
-And to the skiest 
-JviLot'd. - . 
-J.: nr-he o7reng'7.h will dissipate, Thd.27 tnrno.74tchedness 
-AF 3.-.7 joy La. now elate..  
-And,7LL:71ieIou.-canyonof:the- street The :-,1:zet-, 
-Cf this swift mOment ,soon will pass From consciousness. 
 By Frank Leyden. By Frank Leyden.
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