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-THE syDNEE BUSFraucEa +====== The Sydney Bushwalker. ====== 
-A monthly bulletin of mattefS ​of-intereSt ​to the Sydney ​Bush-walker, + 
-The ES W. Nurses'​ Association Rooms"; ​"​Northcote Building," Reiby Place, Sydney. Box No. 4476 G.P.O. Sydney. '​Phone ​Jii1714,62 +A monthly bulletin of matters ​of interest ​to the Sydney ​Bushwalker, The N.S.W. Nurses'​ Association Rooms"​Northcote Building"​Reiby Place, Sydney. Box No. 4476 G.P.O. Sydney. '​Phone ​JW1462. 
-Price 1/- + 
-1962 +=== 336. December 1962. Price 1/-. === 
-336 + 
-+|**Editor**|Stuart ​Brooks, 5 Ingalara Rd, Wahroonga. 484343.| 
-4 +|**Business Manager**|Brian Harvey| 
-Editor: Stua..'​t ​Brooks, 5 Itigealatia ​ f' ​ReproductionDenise ​Hal +|**Reproduction**|Denise ​Hull| 
-illtrahijoiinga 4%343. .  ​Sales & SubsLola Wedlock +|**Sales & Subs.**|Lola Wedlock| 
-Business ​ Manager:, Brian liatvey ;Typed by Shirley Dean +|**Typed by**|Shirley Dean
--L,:iy    + 
-CONTENTS+===== Contents ===== 
 +| | |Page| 
 +|Editorial| | 2| 
 +|At Our November Meeting|Alex Colley| 3| 
 +|Day Walks| | 4| 
 +|Letter to the Editor|Colin Putt| 5| 
 +|Joie De Vie|Puffing Billy| 6| 
 +|Federation Report| |14| 
 +|Santa Claus' Lament| |16| 
 +|Just for Prospeetives & New Members| |18| 
 +|Outward Bound Course for Girls| |19| 
 +|Snooper'​s News| |20| 
 +|Christmas Dance| |21| 
 +|Science Naturally| |22| 
 +|Christmas Greetings| |24| 
 +===== Advertisements ===== 
 +| |Page| 
 +|Paddy'​s Ad|13| 
 +|Hatswell'​s Taxi (ad)|15| 
 +|Plumbing Trouble (ad)|15| 
 +===== Resigned Reminisces. ===== 
 +When I consider how my back was bent\\ 
 +From all that groga little tent\\ 
 +Sleep by day, carouse by night\\ 
 +Surfing in the dawn's first light.\\ 
 +Swimming through the Morong Deep\\ 
 +Christmas and a date to keep\\ 
 +The same old crew, the good old times\\ 
 +Of Christmas pudding minus chimes. 
 +To the river, to the sand,\\ 
 +(The Tall girl's in another land)\\ 
 +Time goes by, and time goes fast\\ 
 +Here's to all the Christmas past.\\ 
 +And to the New Year which revives\\ 
 +Sinister thoughts in sullen wives. 
-At, Our November Meeting -; AIex Colley 
-Day Walk. 
-Letter to the Editor - Colin-Putt 
-,Joie,iDe. Vie Puffing Billy 
-Paddy'​s i d- ' Federation ReportHatswell!s Ad & '​Roy'​s Ad. 
-Santa...Clausl Lament Just..for-Prospeetives & New Members.. 
-t5uViara tound*Cburs-e- -for Girlth 
-Snooper'​s News 
-Christmas Dance 
-Science NatUrally''​ Christmas Greetings 
-r ` 
-.aToisIGNtir ',​R,​EmunctS ​ 
-When I consider, how ,p3y, back, was bent From ell that -grog, ,a ,little tent Sleep by day', carous0.4, night .. Surfing in '​the'​ da.-wn:/'​S'​ first, 
-Swimming through'​ the Wrong Deep Christmas-and a date to ke-ep- 
-The same old cre-W, the good.., old times Of Christmas pudding'​ #nus chines ​ 
-To the river, to the sand, 
-(The Tall girl's in, another land) Time goes by, and time_goes.,​fast Here 'S to all the' Christmas past. And to the Frew Year which revives Sirist i. thoughts in aullen,:​vrixesi. 
-. -19 
-24 i4 
-2 The SydneY Bushwalker December 1962 
 Hi, Hi,
 Nhn is gregarious, This is an axiom as fundamental as the Nhn is gregarious, This is an axiom as fundamental as the
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