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-.77)+======The Sydney Bushwalker.====== 
 +A monthly Bulletin of matters of interest to the Sydney Bush WalkersC/- Ingersoll Hall, 256 Crown St., Sydney. 
 +===No. 169. December, 1948. Price 6d.=== 
 +|**Editor**|Alex Colley, 55 Kirribilli Avenue, Milson'​s Pt.| 
 +|**Production and Business Manager**|Brian Harvey| 
 +|**Production Asst**|Peter Price| 
 +|**Sales and Subs**|Betty Hurley| 
 +|**Typed by**|Jean Harvey and Jessie Mqueen| 
 +|**Maps typed by**|Jo Morris| 
 +| | |Page| 
 +|Editorial - Back to the Charcoal| | 1| 
 +|At our November Meeting| | 3| 
 +|Social Notes for December| | 4| 
 +|The Greater Blue Mountains National Park| | 5| 
 +|Extract from the Annual Report of Parks & Playgrounds Movement| | 8| 
 +|Lean Days in Nature Protection|Allen A. Strom|10| 
 +|The New Book|"​The Girl in the Twirl"​|12| 
 +|The Bushman'​s Handbook|letter from Brian Harvey|14| 
 +|Greenly Island Declared a Sanctuary| |15| 
 +|Childrens'​ Annual Christmas Treat|Rene Browne|16| 
 +|Back Numbers of the Magazine on Sale| |16| 
 +|Tragedy on the Cox|L.S.B.A.|17| 
 +|Federation Notes|Brian Harvey|17| 
 +| |Page| 
 +|Fifteen Years Ago - Paddy'​s advt.|18| 
--A monthly Bulletin of matters of:​.0,​ntexeqt to the Sydney Bush Walker ,c/- Ingersoll Hall, 256 'Crown St..i:​Sydney. 
-Price ed. 
-Editor: ,Alex Colley,55 Kirribilli Production Asst.: 404ealway4oe Milson'​s Point. 
-5 Sales and Subs.: Betty Hurley'​ 
-Production aad Business Manager:​ Typed by Jean Harv,​ey.amaimilookhiple 
-Brian Harvey.,​ AigmAda iialoompi4ompii4miikwegoesiniiisrii*wiiienststs 
-Editorial - .13ok td7he C. Iarcoal 1 - 
-At our November Meeting 3 
-Social Notes for December 4 
-The Greater Blue Mountains National Park 5 
-Extract from the. Annual Report of Parks & 
-Playgrounds Movement 
-Lean Days in Nature Protection. by Allen A, Strom 10 
-The New Book, by "The Girl in the Twirl"​. ;​ 12 
-The Bushman'​s Handbook - letter from Brian Harvey 14 
-Greenly Island Declared a Sanctuary* . 15 
-Childrens'​ AnnUal (nhristma'​s Treat, by Rene Browne 16 Back Numbers of the Magazine on Sale 
-Tragedy on the Cox, by L.S.B.A. 17 
-Federation Notes, by Brian Harvey 17 
-Fifteen Years Ago - Paddy'​s advt. 18 " 
 Back to the Charcoal. Back to the Charcoal.
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