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I believe it is because to these members, bushwalking is an escape from life. Normal living involves mixing with people of all kinds and opinions. It means doing one's share of the community's work. Also most of us cannot feel satisfied with the world as it is and living means fighting to change it. In such a life, recreation plays a very necessary part and bushwalking appears to me one of the best forms of recreation. But it is no more all of Living than sleeping is all of living. And it is when people forget this the trouble begins. When the week is just something to be got through for the sake of the week-end to come; when all one's interest centres on food-lists, maps, and transport then various abnormalities appear. To some, test-walks or the fulfilment of some schedule become a fe tish and club traditions sacred. Some dream of the primitive existence on a desert island (well supplied with the products of modern industry via Paddy-made). Little cliques spring up, happy together and not very interested in other members.

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